Weddings are usually a blur for most people. That’s why having a photographer who can capture the whole essence of the wedding matters most. VB fits in here, perfectly!

Skill - That goes without saying. I have the most beautiful and heart –warming pictures to tell a wonderful story of my wedding. Each picture is so unique and adds character to the album. 

Here’s why I’ll vouch for him (apart from the amazing pictures and the beautiful album of course!). 


1. He makes you feel important and not conscious. That, to me is very important. No body wants a photographer forcing you to grin after you’ve already done that for a few hours on the day of your wedding. You wouldn't even know he's around clicking pictures of you. 

2. He spends time to get to know you. Again, this results in not making you conscious. To me, VB was just another friend hanging out at the wedding.

3.  He caters to your needs. “I don’t want a romantic picture and I don’t care if that adds value”...

“Okay, let’s not do that”, he said.

4.  He’s patient. This is extremely important especially if you’re a talkative person. I’m still trying to understand how I look so poised in certain snaps.

5.  He is extremely accommodating. We needed changes in our album and it was done. We wanted to meet him before the wedding and it was done. We postponed our meeting and it was done.

6.  His attention to detail and level of perfection is what adds to the quality of his pictures. He even sprawls on the ground if it means that you’ll get a great shot!

7.  The entire family still hasn’t stopped raving about the pictures.

Ok, this list might just become too long so I will stop and let you decide for yourself. But remember, there aren’t too many photographers who make you feel special even six months after your wedding. And, I’m pretty sure that VB is probably the only photographer who’d agree to your whims and fancies. This also includes, delivering your album in person at midnight just so he could make the newly weds smile.

So, thank you Mr.V. You did great and I’ll cherish these pictures for life, of course! And I’d recommend you to anyone without blinking an eye.



"A good wedding photographer was a top of the list item for us while planning for our wedding. We spent months searching for a photographer and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Our friends and relatives still talk about how amazing our wedding photos are. Venkat is undoubtedly extremely talented and a thorough professional. We absolutely loved how he captured so many emotions - every time we look through the photos (which is, quite a lot of times!), we relive the day all over again. We were very impressed with how polite and down to earth he is, right from the first interaction till the wedding day. With Venkat, there are no unnecessary demands or any pressure (which is so important considering the amount of stress the family is under on the wedding day). In fact, we hardly noticed him as he shadowed us, capturing candid moments of the day. All we had to do was give him an idea of the kind of photos we wanted – he made sure the wedding album is perfect.

I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you so much for all the memories Venkat! Wish you all the very best. Keep spreading the joy!"


"We knew VB was going to be the one taking our wedding pictures when we checked out his work and saw the lovely way in which he had snapped the moments - big and small. We were real comfortable having him around at the wedding and had a great time at the post wedding shoot. After waiting with bated breath for the pictures to be delivered, we were blown away when we finally got to see them. Our friends and family still rave about the photographs. Thanks VB for capturing precious moments that we can relive forever! Wish you every success along the way."



"Something that really impressed us was his dedication. Venkat wanted a photo of me(Sankari) getting ready for the reception. I was surprised to see Venkat taking the pains to remove the little stains on the mirror to make sure he got the perfect shot. Anybody else might have just chosen to edit with a software but not Venkat. He gives his 100%.

When I (Karthik) was getting ready for the kasi-yatra and during that time, when an umbrella is opened over my head, flowers would fall out on me. This is not an easy moment to capture as you have to be on point for this. Venkat did an excellent job on this and was easily one of the best pictures of the wedding.

For our wedding we would definitely give his photos 5 stars."



"Venkat had come up with this brilliant idea for a post wedding shoot on the streets of old Mumbai. We didnt have much time that day but we still took out 4 hours and caught a train to south Mumbai, and had a really fun shoot on the streets of Churchgate and Colaba. It was there that we could see the full scope of VB's creativity. Not only were his ideas fun and fresh, he would also encourage us to come up with our own ideas. There were no artificial lights, no fancy props, no reflectors. All he had was the natural backdrop of old Mumbai city, his camera and us. The idea was to amalgamate the romance between me and Nikhila, and the romance of South Mumbai. And the photos turned out exquisite. At that moment the three of us were more like 3 friends hanging out, than 3 people on a photo shoot and some of the best photos have come out of that relaxed environment that VB creates."